Game 79 vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ Toronto Blue Jays

Sun, July 1st, 2012 12:37 PM @ Rogers Centre


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Buck Blunder 1 - When Edwin Encarnacion was thrown out in the 2nd trying to leg a single into a double, he called Torey Lovullo, Torii Hunter. (Contributed by @Sinukoff)

Buck Blunder 2 - Buck Martinez got confused between saying olympics and olympians. (Contributed by @MassiveDudley)

Buck Blunder 3 - Buck Martinez said that Yunel Escobar hits a lot of ground balls on the ground. Where else would he hit them? (Contributed by @IAmMackWilliams and @HeyHeyItsBigA)

Buck Blunder 4 - Buck Martinez called Alberto Callaspo, Albert. (Contributed by @Sinukoff and @IsaacBlueJays)

Buck Blunder 5 - Buck Martinez called Colby Rasmus, Raspin. (Contributed by @MassiveDudley)

Buck Blunder 6 - Buck Martinez called today Canada’s Day… I’m going to chalk this a Buck Blunder because it’s Canada Day. (Contributed by @Arock1234 and @producerbrad)

Buck Blunder 7 - Buck Martinez said the lead was 3-1, when it was actually 6-3 for the Angels. (Contributed by @kjo19)

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