Game 74 vs. Boston Red Sox


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If you’ve caught Buck in the act again, please send it to us by commenting to this post or by tweeting to @buckblunders or with hashtag #BuckBlunders. You can also email the blunder via email at Text, Audio, and Visual comments will all be accepted. If you have an audio or video comment, please post a link to it. Thanks.

Buck Blunder 1 - Buck Martinez said that a ball was popped up in the infield, but really it was popped up in the outfield. (Contributed by @RBarbourino)

Buck Blunder 2 - Buck Martinez said that Babe Ruth pitched in the 1912 World Series, but he didn’t make his MLB debut until 1914. (Contributed by @jordangeville)

Buck Blunder 3 - Buck Martinez said that David Ortiz is the only member left on the 2005 Red Sox World Series. I think he means 2004. (Contributed by @robert337733)

Buck Blunder 4 - Here we go again.. 20001912 year blunder again!!!! (Contributed by @GenCassista)

Buck Blunder 5 - Buck Martinez said that Drew Stubbs was let go by his MLB team and Pittsburgh picked him up when it was Drew Sutton of the Rays. (Contributed by @JackCox, @IsaacBlueJays, @ShakeelSalamath, and Emailer/Commenter: Mohammed)

Buck Blunder 6 - Buck Martinez said tomorrow’s game will be at night at 1PM! Last I checked, 1PM is in the afternoon. (Contributed by @tjays05 and @EZDaddy79)

Buck Blunder 7 - Buck Martinez said that David Ortiz has 24 homers after his 2 HR performance last night. He only has 20 dude. Jose Bautista has 24! (Contributed by Emailer/Commenter: Mohammed)

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3 responses to “Game 74 vs. Boston Red Sox”

  1. cindersw says:

    It’s not a new complaint it just continues to bug me. Colby Rasmus is the name; NOT Colby A-rasmus.
    It took Buck forever to get EE’s name right. Encarnation just seemed too hard for him to say. Tabby is the most boring sidekick to anybody.

    I’ve wanted Jamie (articulates well) Campbell back since the first time Buck opened his mouth as a broadcaster. Some peeps don’t like Jamie but I do. He knows his baseball and seldom leaves himself vulnerable by making errors.

  2. mohammed says:

    ortiz hit 2 homeruns yesterday and that brought his total to 24 homeruns

    while it only brought his total to only 20 homeruns and not 24

  3. mohammed says:

    he said drew stubbs got waived and got picked up by a team when it actually was drew sutton

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