Game 29 vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


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If you’ve caught Buck in the act again, please send it to us by commenting to this post or by tweeting to @buckblunders or with hashtag #BuckBlunders. You can also email the blunder via email at Text, Audio, and Visual comments will all be accepted. If you have an audio or video comment, please post a link to it. Thanks.

Buck Blunder 1 - When Kendrys Morales fouled a ball off, Buck Martinez said that Wells fouled the ball.

Buck Blunder 2 - Buck Martinez said the #OHL Playoff game was on ESPN, but it’s on Sportsnet. (Contributed by @SammyKrystal, @Shakes1, @Panikkar37, @yourbestfred, and @Al_SportsLover)

Buck Blunder 3 - Buck Martinez said again that Lundqvist was trying to lead the Rangers to another Stanley Cup…. They haven’t won in a long time! (Contributed by @JackCox)

Buck Blunder 4 - Buck Martinez jumped the gun and thought Albert Pujols fouled the ball off, but it was a swing and miss. (Contributed by @AHume92)

Buck Blunder 5 - Wow, this is really getting old! Mark Trumbo is NOT the AL ROY in 2011 Buck. See Voting here. (Contributed by @JackCox, @PATSandJAYS, @JBritt69, @ShakeelSalamath, @mitch_robson32, @_skennedy, and @ylevi12345)

Buck Blunder 6 - Buck Martinez called Brett Lawrie, Eric Thames

Buck Blunder 7 - Buck Martinez almost called Mike Trout, Trumbo again!

Buck Blunder 8 - Buck Martinez called Brett Lawrie’s last name like Jed Lowrie. (Contributed by @s_poole420 and @AHume92)

Buck Blunder 9 - Buck Martinez said that Pujols 2-run homer was here in the 5th inning, but the game was already in the 6th. (Contributed by @GenCassista)

Buck Blunder 10 - Buck Martinez said that Thames was hitting 2nd tonight…. this afternoon. (Contributed by @GuzmansJhercurl)

Buck Blunder 11 - Buck Martinez said that Jose Bautista had an RBI today, then quickly said he has a run, not an RBI.

Buck Blunder 12 - Buck Martinez said that the Blue Jays were down by 1 run, with the score 4-2… Math Blunder :p (Contributed by @GenCassista)

Buck Blunder 13 - Casey Johnson… Who’s that Buck? (Contributed by @Arock1234)

Buck Blunder 14 - Buck Martinez said that LaTroy Hawkins will have plenty of time to rest… I think he meant to warm up cause Scott Downs got hurt. (Contributed by @origmichael)

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