Game 17 vs. Baltimore Orioles


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If you’ve caught Buck in the act again, please send it to us by commenting to this post or by tweeting to @buckblunders or with hashtag #BuckBlunders. You can also email the blunder via email at Text, Audio, and Visual comments will all be accepted. If you have an audio or video comment, please post a link to it. Thanks.

Buck Blunder 1 - Buck Martinez started the series off by saying the Jeff Mathis was the backup catcher with the LA Angels to JP Arencibia. Yikes.. (Contributed by @belz45)

Buck Blunder 2 - In referencing Jake Peavy, Buck Martinez called him Jeff Peavy. (Contributed by @_ParthVader)

Buck Blunder 3 - When Buck Martinez was talking about Yu Darvish, he said that there was speculation that the Blue Jays were going to sign him. How can you sign him when he went through the posting system where teams had to bid for him then have 30 days to sign him. (Contributed by @s_poole420)

Buck Blunder 4 - Not sure how many innings a pitcher has to pitch to qualify as a full season and not a rookie the following year, but when Buck Martinez was talking about the three starters in this series, he called them rookies, but later said “basically they are rookies”. (Contributed by @GuzmansJhercurl)

Buck Blunder 5 - In the Yankees vs Rangers game, Buck Martinez said that “rookie” Hiroki Kuroda was going against Yu Darvish. Darvish is the rookie. (Contributed by @joeymatch13)

Buck Blunder 6 - Buck Martinez said that last night, Jose Bautista tied the game with his 2-run homerun. He later corrected himself and said that the homerun gave the Blue Jays the 2 run lead. (Contributed by @jordangeville)

Buck Blunder 7 - After Jose Bautista popped out in the 8th, he called Kelly Johnson, Kevin Johnson.

Buck Blunder 8 - Going to the top of the 9th with the Blue Jays down by 1, Buck Martinez said that the Blue Jays were down to their last AB. I think he meant their last 3 outs or last inning. (Contributed by @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 9 - When discussion how the Orioles got Pedro Strop, Buck Martinez said that the Texas Rangers exposed him to waiver and the draft? Whaaa??? Apparently, Strop was the player to be named later for the Mike Gonzalez deal. Pretty good deal for the Orioles :p (Contributed by @Arock1234)

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