Game 98 vs. Seattle Mariners


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If you’ve caught Buck in the act again, please send it to us by commenting to this post or by tweeting @buckblunders or by emailing: Text, Audio, and Visual comments will all be accepted. If you have an audio or video comment, please post a link to it. Thanks.

Buck Blunder 1 – “Molina’s not going to wait any longer, going to coax Molina back into the strike zone”… Great job Buck Martinez. Good job, cause you know Brandon Morrow is pitching right. (Contributed by @BlueJayGal, @CdnMod, and @shocktopbanana)

Buck Blunder 2 – Buck Martinez said that the June Draft was the “June Free Agent Draft”. (Contributed by @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 3 – Buck Martinez called Smoak, Ackley. (Contributed by @coolhead2010, @alittlehghas, and @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 4 – Buck Martinez says that Edwin Encarnacion had 1 walk yesterday, but he had 2! (Contributed by @alittlehghas)

Buck Blunder 5 – Buck Martinez said that Ricky Henderson played more than 1 year with the Blue Jays, saying he played with the Blue Jays for years. Everyone knows he was a rental player in ’93. (Contributed by @GuzmansJhercurl)

Buck Blunder 6 – Buck Martinez said that Rajai Davis “stealed” third in the 9th. First of all, “stealed” is not a word, and Davis only stole 2nd and advance to third on Olivo’s error. (Contributed by @alittlehghas)

Buck Blunder 7 – Travis Thames is going VIRAL!!!!! (Contributed by @jenn_halter, @BlueJayGal, @lateralus84, @alittlehghas, @BallparkGuide, @NewpDawg, @spcock, @markchech, @realAngelow, @NikiFenix, @GuzmansJhercurl, @avesprini, @coolhead2010, @_skennedy, @t_jokinen, @dan_carrier, @joeybadoey, @BBBMinorLeaguer, and @jaygammy)

Buck Blunder 8 – Buck Martinez said that Jacoby Ellsbury missed all of last season. But he played 18 games. (Contributed by @dwarshafsky)

Buck Blunder 9 – Buck Martinez said “Chris Ray will make his first appearance of the season, appearing in his 26th game.” (Contributed by @jordangeville)

Buck Blunder 10 – Brendan nRyan??? (Contributed by @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 11 – Buck Martinez finishes the game off with a 11-7 win for the Blue Jays. But it was 11-6. (Contributed by @jenn_halter, @dwarshafsky, @krystalocean, @spcock, @djrmp, @_skennedy, and @mcpelto)

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