Game 97 vs. Seattle Mariners


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If you’ve caught Buck in the act again, please send it to us by commenting to this post or by tweeting @buckblunders or by emailing: Text, Audio, and Visual comments will all be accepted. If you have an audio or video comment, please post a link to it. Thanks.

Buck Blunder 1 – Buck Martinez started this game off with a “Ring of Excellence” shoutout. (Contributed by @hollebrad)

Buck Blunder 2 – Buck Martinez got the batting lineup wrong when he said Encarnacion, Snider, and Hill were up when it was really Snider up first. (Contributed by @dwarshafsky)

Buck Blunder 3 – Buck Martinez called Piña Colada (Yeah, that’s my new nickname for Pineda)’s slider a 98 mph slider. I don’t think anyone in this world has a 98 mph slider. Not even Yu Darvish! (Contributed by @Pooch_Chris)

Buck Blunder 4 – Over the wall and over the fielder’s head is very very different. One’s a homerun, the other could be a homerun or just a base hit :p (@coolhead2010 even pointed out that it was a #JumpTheGunBlunder.. I’m impressed). (Contributed by @markchech, @coolhead2010, and @a_j_lindsay)

Buck Blunder 5 – Buck Martinez mentioned that Yunel Escobar hit a RBI double with 2 outs, but whoops, it was only 1! VIDEO EVIDENCE BELOW. (Contributed by @realAngelow and @Discopatrol)

Buck Blunder 6 – Buck Martinez got the count wrong when Corey Patterson was up. It was 0-1 and when a ball was thrown, he said it was 2-1. (Contributed by @Discopatrol)

Buck Blunder 7 – Buck Martinez mistaken CTV with CityTV. (Contributed by @Discopatrol)

Apparently, @Discopatrol caught 3 #BuckBlunders in 5 minutes. That’s an all time record!!!

Buck Blunder 8 – Buck Martinez said that the Blue Jays were going into the bottom of the 9th, when really, the game was going into the bottom of the 10th! (Contributed by @PlayItBogart, @avesprini, @Discopatrol, and @dwarshafsky)

Buck Blunder 9 – A grammar blunder here. Buck Martinez said… catcher is Miguel Olivo, batting! (Contributed by @s_poole420)

Buck Blunder 10 – Buck Martinez mentioned in 1 inning that Chone Figgons got all three outs by himself, but really, he got only 1 and assisted on 2. I would have to say the wording was not correct there. (Contributed by @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 11 – Buck couldn’t make up his mind on the count. It was 3-0, then 2 balls and no strikes! #WHATTHEBUCK! (Contributed by @dwarshafsky and @KaleSherar)

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