Game 42 vs. Detroit Tigers (Makeup Game)


Toronto Blue Jays @ Detroit Tigers

Mon, June 27th, 2011 7:00 PM @ Comerica Park

    2 - 4   

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This is the makeup game that was originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th, 2010

Buck Blunder 1 – Buck Martinez blundered about how the Blue Jays swept the Cardinals and it was the first sweep of the season… Whoops.. Cause we destroyed and swept the Twins in the Twin City. (Contributed by @ShakeelSalamath)

Buck Blunder 2 – During a promotion of “The Dudesons”, Buck Martinez mistakes it with “The Nudesons”. (Contributed by @JoeTBFree, @biggles14, and @JAYSandPATS)

Buck Blunder 3 – During the game, Buck Martinez said that someone was hitting 0 for 300 in the game.. 300 ABs!!! WOW… and not even one hit.. COME ON! That’s Rajai Davis bad! (Contributed by @tonyexhibitx)

Buck Blunder 4 – Buck Martinez said the game was 2-1 when it was really 2-2. (Contributed by @joemartz)

Buck Blunder 5 – Buck Martinez fumbles on Max Scherzer’s name as he calls him “Schlereth”. WAY OFF THERE! (Contributed by @jakob_huber)

Buck Blunder 5 – I don’t know how Rafael Soriano got mentioned in a non-Yankee game, but he called him Alfonso again! (Contributed by @KaleSherar)

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